Ukulele Group

Every Wednesday Evening, 7:00pm - 8:30pm in Lower Earley, Reading

Starting 10th January 

At: Trinity Church, 9 Chalfont Close, Lower Earley, RG6 5HZ (next door to Asda)

You don't need any previous Ukulele or singing experience, all songs, chords and strumming patterns will be taught in group.

How it Works

For Absolute Beginners we have an additional 6:30pm - 7pm workshop prior to the main session. These workshops are designed to help you practice forming chords and move from one chord to another so that you are better prepared when playing along in the main session.

We will be teaching strumming patterns to each song, however it is your choice whether you play a simple downward strum, or the suggested strum pattern.

All songs will be sung as well as played. Sometimes these songs will have a harmony, sometimes they wont. Singing is completely optional, and it is your choice whether you want to sing the tune, or the harmony.

As always, our aim is to produce a good quality sound whilst having a whole heap of giggles along the way.



We Will Provide

All the music so that songs and their parts can be practiced at home as well as in group

You Will Need To Bring

  • Your own Ukulele and tuner (please make sure you are tuned prior to the session start time)
  • A music stand
  • A bottle of water / drink - in case you need refreshment
  • The willingness to have a lot of fun!

How To Join Us

There is no need to register, just pop along to Trinity on the 10th

Fees are £5 per week and are paid weekly on a pay as you come basis.

We look forward to seeing you all there!!